By Dave Cunningham and C.K. Tyler

Cleverly written soft sci-fi about love, based on love letters that began as emails between one couple who met on a website for mature adults, this story is convincingly real. The letters are interspersed with action, as life – and death – unfold into a world of possibilities. Readers who enjoy romance, virtual reality and artificial intelligence will love this book.

Mary Brotherton

Editor, Buneke Magazine

What Love Feels Like
The Dawn of Human 2.0

Auburn hair encircled her pretty face in a disheveled, sexy way, and her brown eyes bore a mystical look. “What are you thinking?” I knew her just well enough to realize this woman carried a potent combination of pain and joy in her heart. “I’m thinking,” she said, “this is what love feels like.”


That’s how it began. Eventually, it led to a remarkable effort by software engineers to create the world’s first cyber/human hybrid. Its mission was to explore one question: “What does love feel like?” Shortly before I died, my consciousness was uploaded into a super-computer connected to all the world’s knowledge. Yes, my body is gone, but my memories, thoughts and emotions live on in a cyber world where everything is reduced to digital ones and zeroes. No algorithm exists that can feel love. But somehow, I still do.

"Grabs you right from the start ... Without disclosing the ending, the reader becomes truly invested in (the) romance ... There are possibilities and setbacks, but in the end, we understand …


Chelle Cordero, syndicated columnist and author

"A deftly crafted blend of romance and science fiction, "What Love Feels Like: The Dawn of Human 2.0" is an original, entertaining, and highly recommended addition to community library collections.


John Taylor, Mid West Book Review

"A story that opens the mind to a deep and fascinating look at the meaning of consciousness, the meaning of life, and the meaning of love."

Nathan D. Lee, screenwriter and director of Fall City

“(An) entrancing novel … From the start we know that software engineers in a biotech office are debating whether love is a matter of the brain’s chemical reactions, therefore  meaningless to the future of the human race, or its opposite: perhaps love is the very definition of civilization, which, at a time when we are becoming more tribal, divided, warlike and aggressive, is the only saving grace left to us … the dual plot-strand will appeal to many: readers who have not given up on cultivating love and intimacy in their lives, people hanging on to the memory of a deceased partner, and millennials who enjoy emotionally intelligent fantasy/reality crossovers.”


I. Rosenfeld

The British Fantasy Society.

By Jamshid Hosseini and Dave Cunningham

Travel Within
The Seven Steps to Wisdom and Inner Peace

Do we really need to find ourselves up to our knees in blood before salvation arrives? Is it really necessary for us to rely on an outside power to save us, like Jesus or the 12th Imam? What if the answer were actually within ourselves? What if the physical and metaphysical paths of inquiry -- science and faith -- led to the same place?

"Utterly fascinating and, by the way, beautifully written."

Suzanne Forster, NY Times best-selling author of The Private Concierge

"An Important book. Travel Within may be one of the most compelling journeys you ever take."

Joel Engel, author of The Myth and the Man Behind Star Trek

"A spiritual guide for people from all walks of life"

Kathleen Sage, author of Heart of Alaska

By David Cunningham


A profound journey of self-discovery ... a tempestuous romance ... and perhaps the greatest revelation of the last 2,000 years. Inspirational and thought-provoking, Messages takes you on a ride through the final days of Dakin and Jewel Caravans, soulmates who find answers to the biggest mysteries in the history of mankind: Is there life after death? Why are we here?